Wellness & Prevention

Wellness is quite more than simply the absence of disease.

We specialize in prevention and maintaining wellness.  Not just a cursory yearly check up, but as detailed a look into your health as you’d like.

During our annual wellness exam we take the time to really pin down health risks and areas where you might improve your health.  We schedule a full hour for a truly detailed history and a thorough physical examination.

After your exam we might refer you for health coaching or acupuncture.  We might do more advanced blood studies to evaluate for cardiac disease risk, delayed food allergies or heavy metal accumulation in your body.  We can scan for artery plaque or screen for cancer.  Hormone replacement therapy can help prevent disease and maintain quality of life.

If you are well and wish to stay that way, we can help.  If you would like to prevent health problems rather than just wait until things go wrong, we’ve got you covered.

Our physicians, advanced practice nurses and physician assistants are available for annual wellness exams for men and women of any age.