"A remarkable difference"

How good is the care I get from Dr Rollins and IMC staff? I drive 16 hours round trip and I live an hour from Phoenix. Dr Rollins practices medicine the way i did but also integrates genetics into his treatment plan which I didn’t have access to till now. He uses science to integrate lifestyle changes and appropriate supplements and hormones if needed for a truly integrative/holistic approach to getting his patients better. To do that he needs an incredible support staff including Maddie and Gina up front and Morgan for my LDA. My GF has seen a remarkable difference in her health and vitality working with Dr R and his RN’s and other counselors.

JB, Arizona
March 2018

"Absolutely priceless"

It gives me confidence that wherever life takes me, I will know I have a strong medical team that I can trust behind me. Absolutely priceless!! After so many years of being sick before I found Dr Rollins then the IMC, and countless doctors’ not listening to me, I wouldn’t give y’all up for anything! 

VH, Colorado
May 2018

"I am forever grateful!!"

Dr. Rollins truly listens to his patients. If anyone is wondering if paying money for a plane ticket or a long drive to see him is worth it, believe me IT IS WORTH IT!! When you’re exhausted, tried everything, and other doctors don’t have anything left for you to try, this is the place you need to be. Thank you, Dr. Rollins for helping me be able to live a full life!! I am forever grateful!!

KS, Fort Collins
January 2018

Do you care enough about your own health to be informed and have a voice?

Then IMC is the place to be. I have been a patient of Dr. Rollins for over 8 years and came to him because my previous doctor refused to let me have an active voice in my health care. I am a strong believer in the integrated medicine model and Dr. Rollins is constantly researching new methods and avenues for improved overall health. My entire family are patients of Dr. Rollins now and I have so many stories of how his practice of combining traditional with non-traditional medicine has changed my family members lives dramatically and given them their healthy lives back to enjoy! I challenge you to take the first step in becoming educated about how your body works and then step thru the doors of IMC and watch how your life will be forever changed for the better!  – Thanks! Theresa M, Grand Junction, CO.

KS, Fort Collins
January 2018

I have never received such amazing care...

I would be lost without the IMC.  In 2007 I developed some serious and mysterious health issues that were debilitating and frightening.  I went through the conventional route in the beginning of my journey but felt as if I were going in circles as to figuring out what was the cause.  About 3 years into my terrifying journey still with no answers I decided to go a different route, which lead me to the IMC.  The testing they do at the IMC is much more in depth, detailed and thorough then any other testing I have ever had.  The practitioners and staff at IMC all work together to better understand and communicate with their patients.  IMC has bent over backwards for me many times to help me with my condition and they even took on a new treatment so I did not have to travel 8 hours to get my injections.  I have never received such amazing care and I am forever grateful to everyone at the IMC.  – Julie G, Grand Junction, CO.

Testimonials Continued…

Dr. Rollins is the kindest and most knowledgeable Dr that I’ve ever had. Will never go to anyone else. He’s there when you need him and truly cares about his patients! Thankful to have the staff here. All very kind and amazing atmosphere! – HW, Oklahoma, January 2018

Dr. Rollins and his entire staff are incredible. So blessed to work with such a kind, caring and understanding team. – S.H., Delta, CO, January 2018

The Integrative Medicine Center of Western Colorado has been one of the best experiences I have ever had with a medical office!!! Dr. Scott Rollins, Morgan Rainey, and all the people who work there are absolutely wonderful, and extremely knowledgeable. IMC treats the person. They listen to you, watch you, learn your symptoms and don’t automatically put you into a boxed list of diagnoses and treatment. They are happy to do whatever they can to help, including researching the best treatment options for your condition! Within your first visit you will know that they care, and want so much just to help you get better.

I have been seeing Dr. Rollins for several years now, and I can honestly say that he and IMC are giving me my life back! After several years prior of horrible medical experiences, rude “all knowing” doctors and invisible chronic illness (being told I was imagining it), my multilayered diagnosis is finally known and being treated. All because of these people who have become a such a blessing in my life! Who have, essentially, saved my future just because they actually listen to their patients. That is a rare and remarkable find!  I give IMC a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating!!!   – V.H., Grand Junction, CO.  January 2018

Two years ago, I started down a downward health spiral, not knowing what was causing it or what was happening. I started experiencing fatigue, digestion issues, headaches, numbness and tingling in my limbs randomly, blurred vision, dizziness…barely feeling like I could get through my day. Throughout that first year, I went to about 8 different doctors in town, 4 of those, “specialists, “ to see if they could help me. They all seemed to keep telling me it was “anxiety” and then proceeded to put me on anti-anxiety medication which caused negative side-effects, on top of all the already scary symptoms I was having. I knew in my heart it was something much more than just anxiety, but there was no one who seemed to know how to help me. This continued for the first year and was extremely frustrating.

I didn’t know who to turn to at all, and then when I found Dr. Scott Rollins, I was able to start a journey back to healing. I have been working with Dr. Rollins for about nine months now, and it has taken time, but through the course of making nutritional changes, adding supplements, and changing how I manage stress has made me feel so much better. It turns out I was going through adrenal fatigue, which had created candida in my system and was also affecting my thyroid levels. Finally, I am experiencing peace in my life again! I feel alive and feel my energy coming back day by day as I continue to rebalance my body. I am truly grateful that I found Dr. Scott Rollins and his practice.  They are all amazing people that are there to help.  – K.M., age 34, Grand Junction, CO. 

 We are very thankful for having the IMC in our town of Grand Junction. The services offered have been just what we need. Our Down’s Syndrome son had health and behavior issues. He has greatly improved after having a food allergy test that revealed most of the foods I was feeding him were causing reactive problems in him system. He lost excess weight of 40 pounds in a short time, and is feeling and acting much better.

I also have health issues that were a mystery. A blood test showed that I have Lyme Disease which was the cause of my many strange aches and pains. We appreciate the approach that looks for the root cause and not just treat the symptoms. Dr. Rollins and the entire staff are caring and committed to work with us offering a treatment plan that fits our needs. – Sandy S, Grand Junction, CO.

The IMC is less of a clinic and more of a place to be taken well care of in a comfortable setting.  Dr. Rollins is accessible and warm.  His staff is as friendly as they come.  But maybe the most important part of the IMC is that I can get treatment there that I can get nowhere else.  They specialize in several things, but what I need is essential to my health and well being.  If it wasn’t for Dr. Rollins and his open mind, as well as his phenomenal staff, I’m not entirely sure where I’d be. Certainly not in as good of shape as I am now.  – Leigh F, Grand Junction, CO.

I have been a patient of IMC and Dr. Scott Rollins for a number of years.  During my treatment of several health concerns, I could not have found more knowledgeable, caring and compassionate people than Doctor Rollins and his support staff.  His dedication and continued support has truly helped me work towards regaining my health.  Even though some of my symptoms and health issues have been difficult to uncover, Dr. Rollins has never given up and continues to work with me until, together, we find the answers and the best possible treatments.   IMC is up to date on the current research, available testing and treatments and was willing to work with this information in order to uncover my health issues.  They incorporated both natural supplements and western medicines in order to help me to achieve health.  My time spent at the IMC has been invaluable.  – April O, Florence, CO.

As someone who is in the medical field, I am very concerned about my health, and aging.  I saw Dr. Rollins on a TV show, and everything he said spoke to me.  I live in Denver, but visit Grand Junction a couple of times a year, so I made an appointment.  Since then I have been well taken care of and feel great!  I have found the office staff and Dr. Rollins to be immediately attentive to my phone calls, with Dr. Rollins even promptly responding to email questions.  When I need something, they do not hesitate to call my pharmacy, insurance company (I can still file my claims), my local lab, or myself.  I sincerely appreciate this service, especially since I’m long distance.  The regular IMC newsletters keep me informed and connected.  I cannot say how many people I have recommended to connect with this valuable service.  The only regret I have is that they don’t practice in my town, since I would very likely use many more of their services!   I love the IMC!!  – Erika J, Denver, CO.

Dear Dr. Scott Rollins, I just wanted to let you know how much better I feel after being tested for intolerance to foods.  The test results showed that my system has a severe intolerance for 7 or 8 food items and that I have a moderate intolerance to about 25 more food items.  Since I have reduced or eliminated these items from my diet, I have regained my energy level and overall I feel so much better.  My digestion is much better, I am not bloated and gassy all the time.   My worn out/sluggish feeling is gone and my husband says I am back to my “not grumpy & irritated” self!  We are both happy with the improvements.  Thank you for all your care and help, you are my hero!  – LeeAnn B, Fort Collins, CO.

I began showing symptoms of Fibromyalgia more than 10 years ago.  It wasn’t until about five years ago that I was finally diagnosed.  Unless you suffer from FM there is now way for you to understand the severe pain, never ending exhaustion, fibro fog, frustration, and hopelessness that envelopes you.  In my early 40’s when diagnosed,  I had a wonderful husband, three children, a business to run and a sister-in-law that needed me as her caregiver…I became less and less able to function in any of these capacities.  Sometimes I would spend almost the entire day in bed.  The medications that my doctors had me taking were making things even worse.  I was beginning to suffer from tremors, confusion, IBS, unsteadiness, and a general feeling that my health was declining quickly.

As fate would have it I read an article about Bio-identical hormones and became interested in the possiiblity that this may help with my symptoms.  I did some research and found Dr. Scott Rollins.  He did not offer a magic bullet, but he did offer hope.  After four months under his care I am now off of most of the toxic medications I had been taking, my energy level is so much better, I can think clearly, I can attend our children’s activities and events, I am happy and vibrant again.  Just last night our sixteen year old daughter told me that she was so happy to have me back.  It made my cry to think of all the wasted years that were behind me.  But they are behind me and the future is bright.  – Lisa M, Grand Junction, CO. 

Dr. Rollins ~ Thank you so very much for encouraging me to have the Bloodprint done!  In the past month, I have seen a lot of positive changes in my health, from head to toe.  Now I know when I have eaten something I’m not supposed to have… the Blepharitis flares up, intestines become painful, itchiness all over, sores in my mouth, joint pain, and so on.  It has been a serious challenge to find exchange foods for eggs, dairy, and wheat; and heartbreaking to have to give up the other foods that I have come to love, but the change is so worth it!  Can’t wait to see how much better I will feel a year from now… and I’m looking forward to better health from now on.  I am so grateful someone finally listened to me, and put the pieces of the puzzle together.  I will never be able to thank you enough!  Sincerely,  – The New Barbara B, Olathe, CO.

I believe Dr. Scott Rollins is one of the finest Medical Doctors I have ever seen.  My wife and I first started attending Dr. Rollins’ seminars at his Integrative Medicine Center after we were unhappy with the treatment I had been receiving at the Veterans Administration in Grand Junction.  I was very lucky that he agreed to accept me as a patient.  I have used several services offered at IMC and have always been happy both with Dr. Rollins and his staff.

Dr. Rollins use of a combination of the latest medical technology along with what many would consider alternative medicine was a Godsend to me. In Feb 2012 due to Dr. Rollins persistence in following up on my unusual laboratory reports, I was diagnosed with stage III Multiple Myeloma cancer.  Dr. Rollins made sure I was immediately seen by an Oncologist and I started chemotherapy the following week. In September 2012 I had a Stem Cell transplant and was lucky enough to have excellent remission.  Since that time Dr. Rollins has continuously followed all my lab reports, contacting me by phone or email discussing results and possible treatment options.

There is no doubt in my mind that Dr. Rollins saved my life.  Without his persistence in trying to determine why my labs were so far out the normal range, my cancer would have not been diagnosed and I would not be alive today.  I have numerous friends who are also patients of Dr. Rollins.  All agree he is by far the best MD anyone could have and all feel very lucky to have him as their Doctor. – Jerry Z, Glade Park, CO.

Dr Rollins, I would like to thank you for your work, attitude and great professionalism. I had been with my traditional Doctor of 6 years. He had never taken the time to truly find the problem. He just wanted to medicate me. Then medicate me again. By the time I was referred to you in 2011 I was so over medicated that I was unable to get off the couch and get a drink of water my myself.

After just a very few months with you. Getting me off all the hard meds. Helping me change my diet. Finding the true cause of the problems I was having. Then showing me how to care for myself in a manner to actually deal with the problem and not just medicate it. I have improved greatly. I am actually living life again in an adjusted mode. I can truly say that everyone at IMC has shown a great attitude and a true desire to treat me and help me, not just run me thru the system.  I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me. – David B, Grand Junction, CO.

Dr. Rollins is an exceptional doctor with an extensive knowledge of endocrinology, bio-identical hormone therapy, adrenal fatigue and nutrition.  All of the staff at IMC are compassionate and understanding.  They take the time to listen and are genuinely concerned for their patient’s well being.  They research, educate, inform and enlighten. The treatment plans offered encompass a holistic approach, not the “one-spot-one-size-fits-all” approach.  I highly recommend IMC as an invaluable resource for wellness!  – Darci H, Delta, CO.