Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dr. Rollins see all the patients himself?  Yes, if requested, or patients may consult primarily with our Nurse Practitioners or Registered Nurses.  Note that Dr Rollins does not see medicare beneficiaries – they need to see one of our Nurse Practitioners.

Because of the demand for his services, Dr. Rollins has numerous experienced associates to assist him in providing patient care.  His associate staff have years of direct training with him in the area of Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine.  Patients may always see Dr. Rollins if they prefer.  Dr. Rollins always directly reviews every patient case.

Do I have to see numerous IMC providers?  No.  Many of our patients see only a few specific providers at the IMC.  Many patients come to the IMC for a specific treatment, such as allergies or IV chelation, and see only one provider.

How much does a complete workup cost?  It will differ from patient to patient.  Because each patient will require a specific workup and treatment program the costs will vary.  Our consultation fees are listed under “Our Fees.”  The costs of various diagnostic studies will vary depending upon your specific needs.  Similarly, the number of follow-up and referral visits will vary.  Some of our diagnostic tests will cost several hundred to several thousand dollars.  Some of these will be covered by insurance while others are not.  We are very respectful of your budget and will make you aware of all costs associated with your workup.

How often do patients need to be seen?  The simplest case is an initial visit and one follow up visit.  We have many patients who require complex intervention which requires numerous visits, often with multiple providers.  As a general rule of thumb, once we and the patient are pleased with their status we will schedule a six month follow up and then yearly visits to monitor their ongoing treatments.

How do I know if the IMC is for me?  We encourage you to tour our website which details many of our providers and services.  Our courteous and well informed receptionists are glad to answer most questions.

How long until I will see results?  Some treatments provide fairly quick results, such as hormone replacement for hot flashes.  Other treatments can take much longer.  As an example, patients with chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia may take years to reach their full recovery.  We like to estimate one month of recovery for every year you have had prominent symptoms.

What if I live far away?  We are with familiar with treating patients from all over Western Colorado, some as far as Denver or Salt Lake City.  We are happy to cluster your visits over a few days to minimize your travel and we can help arrange lodging for you should you need to stay in the area overnight.  We also do a certain amount of follow up by telephone or email.

How does the IMC work with my regular doctor?  We enjoy working with other doctors and will provide copies of all your records.  You may share these with your doctor and we are happy to speak with them directly should the need arise.  Our role is to complement the care you receive from you doctor.

Conventional doctors’ response to complementary medicine will vary, from openly embracing it to actively dismissing it.  We have many fine physicians in Western Colorado who are eager to learn and we are glad to see integrative medicine departments sprouting up in many university medical school programs.  Dr. Rollins regularly teaches medical students and residents and believes strongly in evidence based medicine.  He is committed to educating the medical community about our treatment methods.

You, the patient, have a right to choose the type of treatments you receive, based on your understanding of the treatment options.   We consider the patient as the center of their own healthcare system and our job is to educate and provide the best treatment options so patients can make the best choices for their total health.