Mental Health

Symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia, depression, and anxiety are so often caused by an underlying dysfunction in other areas of the body.  Our functional medicine approach seeks to find the root cause of mental health symptoms and so often uncovers a real cure instead of simply prescribing a medication that attempts to force brain chemistry into behaving.

But sometimes there is indeed a primary imbalance in the brain chemistry that leads to serious mental health issues.  In other cases, past trauma or stress had led to severe mental health challenges.  In either case we can help with medication management as well as recommending natural supplements that complement or even replace drugs.  We also work closely and collaborate with a trusted network of mental health specialists that can help with more intensive counseling or psychotherapy.

Good mental health goes beyond disease states as well.  In our paradigm, attitude is the first key element to great health.  Developing good health habits leads to high returns on health and well being.  We can help kickstart and motivate you to do your part in achieving great health.

We can also help with behaviors that may be keeping you from great health.  Smoking, excessive drinking or craving poor food choices may be the most important thing to work on and we can help.