Heart Disease

About half the people dying of heart disease have normal cholesterol, don’t smoke, don’t have diabetes and don’t have a family history of heart disease.  They are being missed…

And the drugs we use for heart disease are merely slowing the process without really treating the underlying causes.

The good news is that you can screen more thoroughly for artery disease and there are proven natural methods to reverse it.  With advanced cardiac screening such as coronary calcium CT scanning or carotid ultrasound you can catch artery disease before it is too late to manage easily, and you can then monitor your disease periodically to ensure it is under control.

By evaluating more specific risk factors you can better identify and treat what is driving artery disease.  Get the latest testing so that you can really understand what your risks are for artery disease and choose more effective targeted supplements to address it.  We can help with managing conventional heart medications as well as natural supplements that are proven safe and effective.

We also consider the behavioral aspects that contribute so mightily to heart disease.  Our certified Health & Nutrition Coach along with the rest of our medical team can help you with specific goals whether it is weight loss, eating better, exercising regularly, getting restful sleep or better managing stress.