A predictable decline occurs with many processes simply due to aging.  Our genetic replication starts making more mistakes, hormones decline, enzymes quit catalyzing reactions as well, inflammation and oxidation take their toll, cellular energy production goes down, and nutrients aren’t absorbed as well.

Odds are that most of us are going to live to about age 80.  Only a few hundred years ago, in America, the average life expectancy was about 40.  This is amazing and thanks mostly to modern sanitation, nutrition, and medicine.

However, we don’t address aging very well in our current medical paradigm.  Even if you are “healthy” there are things happening in the body that lead to aging and most of the diseases we are suffering from today.

By addressing the different areas of health that change with aging we can help keep these wonderful machines we call our body running better!

Dr. Rollins is a master of managing the complex changes that occur with aging.  You are only as old as you feel and we aim to keep you feeling and functioning your best.