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The Integrative Medicine Center is a place where you can get a leading-edge functional medicine consultation along with expert guidance on natural supplements - where you can experience the latest in cosmetic skin care backed by advanced anti-aging medicine - where your healthcare involves experts in many fields working together for you - a place where you are at the center of your healthcare journey.

Bringing together the best of conventional medicine along with complementary and alternative medical therapies, our providers use “state of the art” treatments and diagnostics combined with the “ancient healing arts” such as traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

Restoring wellness and vitality both inside and out, we treat the whole person - body, mind and spirit.

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Clinical Trials

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Rejoint for arthritis

We’ve had exceptionally good response from patients with arthritis, even fairly advanced, using “Dr H Rejoint”.  They even offer a money back guarantee if the product does not provide results within a few days! Here is good research study using the herbs in the product. Five Herbs Plus Thiamine Reduce Pain and Improve Functional MobilityView Article
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