A new era is dawning for autoimmune disease treatment.  Research over the last decade has uncovered some of the mechanisms that “allow” autoimmune disease to get started and led the path to remission for many of our patients.

Consider that hundreds of years ago autoimmune disease was rare.  It still is in developing countries.  But in the industrialized countries, autoimmune disease is rampant with as many as 1/3 of Americans suffering from an autoimmune condition.

Have hope, for a small group of physicians around the world, including our team, are starting to unravel the autoimmune mystery.

By identifying and removing the many potential insults to the immune system we are often able to reverse autoimmune disease.  Immune disruptors include poor gut health, delayed food allergies, chronic infections and biotoxins, and heavy metals and toxic chemicals.

Low dose immunotherapy is a simple and safe therapy that will put autoimmune disease into remission for many of our patients.  Finally, if we are not able to remove the immune insult and the immune attack continues then we utilize alternative treatments that can help support and balance the immune system.  We are also experts in conventional autoimmune drugs should that be appropriate.