Do laser procedures hurt?  Most laser procedures feel like a light rubber band snap on the skin each time the laser handpiece is fired.  For more aggressive procedures such as Erbium Pixel we may use topical numbing cream.  For the most aggressive procedures, such as CO2 Fractional Ablation, we may use topical numbing cream as well as prescription pain medications.  Every procedure is began with a small test area to judge patient tolerance with ongoing adjustment of the treatment to insure patient comfort.

What is the recovery time?  Most laser procedures and aesthetic procedures such as microdermabrasion have no social downtime – that is you can have the procedure and go right back to your normal activities, such as work.  There are typically precautions with avoiding excessive sun exposure.  The more aggressive procedures such as chemical peels, Erbium Pixel or CO2 Fractional Ablation do require, typically, 4-5 days of social downtime to allow for the normal swelling and exfoliation that occurs after such treatments.  Within a week or so most people are back to their usual routine.

When will I see results?  Right away, or months later, depending on the procedure.  Facials, microdermabrasion, lightwave therapies, all produce a healthy glow right away.  Botox treatments usually take 3-4 days to see results while injectable fillers produce immediate results.  Laser procedures targeting the surface take a few days to weeks to see results, with repeat treatments usually needed to produce maximum results.  Ablative procedures such as Erbium or CO2 laser will produce a healthy surface appearance in a week or two, while the skin tightening effects normally continue for as long as 3 months before seeing the maximum results.

How experienced are your providers?  Dr Rollins has been overseeing and performing cosmetic laser procedures since 2008.  Our certified laser specialists and estheticians all have extensive training and credentials as well as years of experience actually treating patients.  Please refer to our “providers” page for details on each of our providers.

How much does laser skin care cost?  The cost of laser is quite variable and impossible to simply list as there are so many variations in the treatments and patient’s skin needs.  Many procedures, such as facial and microdermabrasion, are very effective and cost less than $100.  Please refer to our “fees” page for details as well as pricing estimates.  We want to provide as much information on our fees as possible, while realizing the variability inherent in cosmetic procedure pricing.  Our free consultation is an important part of determining the exact treatments that will best serve you, while making sure you are comfortably within budget.

Can I make payments?  Yes.  We offer Care Credit with 6 month, no interest payments.

Does Dr Rollins perform procedures?  Yes.  Dr Rollins is a master of injection procedures including botox and dermal fillers.  He also enjoys performing our CO2 Fractional Laser procedures.

How do I get started?  Call and schedule a FREE consultation with one of our estheticians.  We are not a “high-pressure” sales oriented team.  Rather, we believe in education about skin and focus on teaching you about the skin procedures that will best suit your needs.  We encourage you to shop around when making such an important decision about your skin health.