Key Elements for Successful Weight Loss

Frustration describes the patient unable to lose weight.  Despite doing the right things, namely eating well and exercising, many still struggle unsuccessfully.  As a physician, managing obesity is one of the most important and rewarding areas in all of medicine.  Yet most physicians are also frustrated with our disappointing efforts to help patients by simply repeating the “eat less, exercise more” mantra.  Rest assured, there is an answer to the weight loss equation.

In 25 years of practice, Dr. Rollins has helped thousands of people lose weight.  Along the way he has identified some key elements that can help or harm our weight loss efforts.  By evaluating and addressing each element we are usually able to “break through the wall” of that stubborn weight that just won’t budge.  Some of the elements require the patient to make the effort while others require the physician to examine more thoroughly.


First and foremost we address lifestyle choices including nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management and social situations.  Our team is skilled in helping you set and reach realistic goals.  You make the effort and we make sure it counts.

Medical Support

Too often patients struggle with weight loss due to underlying medical conditions that never get diagnosed or treated.  We are experts in dealing with hormone imbalances or deficiencies, intestinal health, toxin build ups, cellular energy defects, and delayed food allergies – all of which can stop you from losing weight!

Catalysts for Weight Loss

After a thorough functional medicine evaluation it is appropriate for many patients to also utilize various supplements or prescription medications that can help encourage weight loss.  We offer patients many options so they are able to choose what resonates best with them.  For more information see our weight loss program page.