Integrative oncology means to integrate therapies that complement conventional cancer treatment.  We help guide patients to complementary therapies that have evidence of safety and efficacy in the overall treatment of the cancer patient.

Our mission is to help patients not only recover from cancer but also change the “terrain” that allowed cancer to develop in the first place. Improving lifestyle and boosting natural biological systems is a starting point for all patients.

Part of our focus is keeping patients healthy enough to survive conventional cancer treatment.  Death from cancer is often caused by collateral damage from treatments that impair the immune system, the gut, or other organs.  Side effects such as nausea, anorexia and malnutrition keep many patients from tolerating the full extent of conventional treatments.  The risk of certain complications such as infection, heart damage or neuropathy can be lowered with complementary therapies.

A functional medicine approach analyzes many different components of the body that might allow or encourage cancer growth.  We may test for markers of inflammation, growth factors, oxidative stress, toxin accumulations, impaired detox systems, genetic mutations and more.

We also use advanced cancer sensitivity testing including sending cancer tissue and/or cancer stem cells from the blood for detailed analyses of which conventional drugs and natural supplements may inhibit the cancer growth.  This helps eliminate guessing which agents are likely to be most effective.

Perhaps no area of medicine is more challenging and humbling than treating patients with cancer.  Both in private practice and as medical director for the Plateau Valley Hospice and Palliative Care, Dr. Rollins has dealt with hundreds of patients going through the cancer process.  Our team understands and respects the unique needs of patients challenged with cancer.