Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy 2

by | Jan 5, 2018 | Articles, Chelation, Conditions, Diabetes, Heart

If you answered “yes” to these three questions, you may be eligible to take part in a National Institutes of Health federally funded study of intravenous (IV) chelation therapy and oral vitamins for people with diabetes and heart disease.

What is chelation therapy?

Chelation therapy is a research medicine given through an IV.  Some scientists believe that chelation therapy may help treat heart disease by removing toxins from the blood.  However, this has not been proven.  This study will find out if chelation works in treating heart disease in patients with diabetes.

What will the study involve?

If you join the study, you will be assigned to receive either active IV drug OR IV placebo (inactive study drug).  The IV is administered weekly for approximately 40 weeks.  Each IV session last approximately three to four hours.  In addition, you will take either high-dose oral vitamins and mineral supplements or identical placebo pills.  All participants will receive low-dose vitamin and mineral supplements during the time they are receiving IV treatment.  You will continue to take your standard diabetes and heart disease medications.

What are the costs?

The study drugs will be provided at no cost. Other medical costs remain your responsibility.

For more information, contact our TACT2 Study Team at 970-245-6911.

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