Cancer Lifestyle Factors

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Lifestyle factors have a huge impact on the cancer prevention and cancer survival.  Our staff includes a nutritionist, health coach and yoga instructor to help you achieve lifestyle goals.  We also refer with our network of alternative and complementary practitioners.


  • Eat a whole food plant based diet
  • Consider Wahl’s protocol
  • Go plant based – high intake of raw organic fruit, vegetables, grains & legumes
  • Minimize or eliminate animal proteins, i.e. meat and dairy (at least Mediterranean diet)
  • Avoid sugar, especially high-fructose corn syrup and processed foods
  • Minimize high-glycemic carbohydrates, e.g. starchy foods
  • Avoid fried or charred foods
  • Avoid unfermented soy products
  • Juicing / Green drinks / Smoothies / Gerson therapy
  • Alkalinization – Cesium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, alkaline water
  • Alkaline diet – fruits, veggies, legumes, asparagus, herbs, ginger, turmeric, nuts, seeds, whole grains, wheat grass, Essiac tea
  • Watch “Forks over Knives”, “Food, Inc”
  • Read “The Slow Down Diet” by Marc David


  • Regular exercise lowers the risk of cancer and increases remission/survival rates
  • Follow the guidelines in this activity pyramid.


  • Good sleep lowers the risk of cancer and increases remission/survival rates
  • Allow yourself time for plenty of restful sleep
  • Seek help if you are not sleeping well
  • Try various natural insomnia treatments

Stress Management

  • Chronic stress makes the body more hospitable to cancer
  • Utilize stress management techniques to control the impact of stress on the body
  • Manage stress with counseling, exercise, meditation, deep breathing, acupuncture, yoga, tai chi, heartmath, etc

Social / Spiritual

  • Cultivate and express gratitude – it is one of the most healing emotions
  • Seek out supportive healthy relationships and avoid toxic draining situations
  • Practice your faith


  • Heartmath
  • Focus & Insight audio CDs
  • Vo-Cal 360, Psych-K

Energy Work

  • Electrodermal Feedback – Asyra or EDS 2000


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