Functional Medicine Consultation

Functional medicine is structured around a matrix of areas that are considered when evaluating and treating patients.  We may examine hormone and neurotransmitter levels, digestive and immune function, inflammation and oxidation status, detoxification pathways, cellular energy production and cell membrane integrity, and even genetics.

Considering that the bulk of disease is driven by lifestyle choices, functional medicine incorporates a holistic approach that emphasizes the patient’s role in their health.  Patient behavior is more important than anything else and we can’t gloss over the “keys to great health”, including mental attitude, eating healthy, exercising regularly, getting plenty of restful sleep, and managing stress.  We’re here to help.

Our Team

Our medical team includes a medical doctor, advanced practice nurses, registered nurses, medical assistants, nutrition counselors, exercise and yoga instructors, and a health coach.  All treatment is coordinated and overseen by Dr. Rollins and his staff has trained extensively for years under his direct teaching and supervision.

A holistic approach to total health includes addressing the body, mind, emotion, and spirit, as well as social and environmental inputs.  We treat each person as unique and work to form a partnership-plan that truly addresses our patient’s goals.

Integrating “state of the art” with the “ancient arts”

We combine the best of conventional medicine with complementary and alternative medical therapies for which there is evidence of safety and effectiveness.  Our patients may receive the most advanced specialty medical testing combined with simple dietary changes, natural supplement recommendations, a referral for acupuncture, or a consult with a homeopathic specialist.

Integrative medicine involves not just seeing different providers but having those providers work together to develop a unified, comprehensive treatment plan.  Our team is skilled in the use of natural and herbal supplements as well as prescription medications.  We are well versed in working with alternative medicine providers and can help you make sense of what is safe and effective, whether it is conventional or alternative.