Free Consult

Call or come in for a free consult to check us out.  One of our nutritionists will meet with you to review program options and answer questions.  Our goal is to make sure our program is the right fit!

Our Core Program

We always start with a thorough history and physical exam by one of our functional medicine experts.  Right away recommendations might be made for medical diagnostic testing and/or treatments.  You and your provider will choose a customized course of action.

Included in the basic program are four visits with our

  • Nutrition counselor
  • Fitness guide
  • Health coach and yoga instructor

Also included in the Core program is a yoga mat, fitness equipment and a one month supply of basic supplements that support nutrition, metabolism and digestive health.  Additional supplements may be added to suppress appetite, lower cortisol, or help insulin work better.


A variety of prescription “catalysts” that facilitate weight loss and metabolism are available including

  • Appetite suppressants, e.g. Phentermine
  • Peptide therapies, e.g. HCG or Sermorelin
  • Hormones, e.g. testosterone, thyroid, etc

Your medical provider may recommend advanced testing or prescriptions for hormones, nutrients, food allergies or chronic infections such as Candida.  Treatment for any of these conditions is often a keystone to support weight loss.

Our program varies considerably depending on your unique health needs.  Our goal is to uncover issues that may be hampering your success with weight loss.

Our Maintenance Program

We strongly encourage, and most of our patients appreciate ongoing support in their weight loss efforts.  Our maintenance program includes 2 visits with our nutrition, fitness and yoga instructors.  A one month supply of base supplements are also included in this program.


What if you are not able to come to weekly visits?  Or already well versed and doing well with exercise?  Or maybe yoga just isn’t something you want to do?  We have options!  Any part of our program is available as a stand alone option.  At your free consult these are details that can be sorted out.  The bottom line is we’re here to help you lose weight whatever it takes!