Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Action Guide

by | May 22, 2019 | Articles, Conditions, Hormone Replacement, Women's Health

You may be confused or have many questions about hormone replacement therapy.  Maybe your doctor told you not to take hormones.  Or you may have read in the news that hormones cause cancer.  Perhaps a friend told you they would cause weight gain.  Could be you want to avoid “medications” and replacing hormones seems unnatural.

My HRT Action Guide is designed to help educate and dispel many of the myths surrounding HRT.  You should replace your hormones to help prevent disease and maintain quality of life.   HRT is NOT simply about treating hot flashes!

You will find the following steps in the Action Guide:

  1. Hormone basics
  2. Discover which hormone imbalance you may have
  3. Time for Lab Testing
  4. Getting Ready for Treatment
  5. Beginning Treatment – You’re Most Exciting Step to Hormone Balance
  6. Making Adjustments – Fine Tune your HRT Dosing
  7. Are We Done Yet?

HRT Action Guide

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