Wahls Protocol

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The Wahls Diet is consistent with my long standing recommendation of following a Mediterranean type diet, emphasizing lots and lots of fruits and vegetables with limited meat and dairy.

Limited amounts of gluten makes sense even for those without overt health issues.  Further limiting all grains and legumes lowers inflammation even further.

I recommend the Wahls Diet for anyone with a chronic health condition, especially autoimmune diseases.  Wahls Paleo is good for those not improving with Wahls Diet, further lowering inflammatory foods and upping the ante on nutrients.

For those pursuing a nutritional ketogenic diet the Wahls Paleo Plus is a great model to follow, helping insure plenty of nutrient dense fruits and vegetables are obtained even with high fat low carb ratio.

I highly recommend Dr Wahl’s book, “The Wahls Protocol”, and summarize the protocol here.

Wahls Diet

  1. 9 cups of fruits and vegetables per day
    1. 3 cups leafy greens
    2. 3 cups brightly colored
    3. 3 cups sulfur-rich
  2. No Dairy or Gluten
  3. Organic, grass-fed and wild caught meats

Wahls Paleo (autoimmune paleo)

  1. Reduce grains, legumes and potatoes to two servings per week
  2. Animal protein daily
  3. Add seaweed and organ meats
  4. Add more raw, soaked and fermented foods

Wahls Paleo Plus (nutritional ketosis)

  1. Add more fats
  2. Lower fruits & vegetables to 4 to 6 cups per day
  3. No grains, legumes or potatoes
  4. Limit starchy vegetables to two servings per week
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