Macuna protocol for Parkinson’s patients

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Start Macuna capules and increase the dose on a weekly basis.

Start with 6 capsules/day, divided into 3x/day dosing.  Each week increase according to this pattern:  6-12-18-24-32-40-48-56-etc.

Note the numbers directly above.  After the patient is started on six pills of Mucuna per day the next three first adjustments to the daily mucuna dosing values are increases of six pills each.  This slower rate of increase allows for dealing with nausea from L-dopa which usually occurs by the time the patient is taking 24 pills.

It is recommended that when the patients are taking 6, 12, and 18 pills per day that the D5M pills be administered.  Once the patient’s daily dosing values are increased to 24 pills per day in divided dosing values 40% Mucuna powder can be used, this needs to be weighed not measured since it is standardized by weight not volume.

Note:  2.4 grams of D5 Mucuna 40% powder = eight (8) pills of D5 Mucuna = 1 tsp powder

For the Parkinson’s disease patients increase to 9.6 grams of D5 Mucuna powder (or 32 pills of D5 Mucuna 40%) then begin weekly pills stops.

IMPORTANT!  If at any point the patient experiences any degree of nausea (no matter how minor) quit adjusting the D5 Mucuna upward until the nausea is under control.

High Dose Macuna Powder Suggestion

Have the patient get a thermos with a glass liner, then put the day’s mucuna powder with a water soluble liquid. Keep adjusting with 8 pill (2.4 gram) daily increases until the upper L-dopa daily dosing value above the optimal dose is found. Patients taking higher dose powders can obtain a 16 ounce thermos then mix the powder with water soluble liquid such as juice, water, tea, etc. then drink 4 ounces periodically through the day.

(adapted from Dr Hinz information)

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