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Cyrex labs is the world’s leader in testing for autoimmune markers and immune reactive foods.  Dr Rollins has been to numerous lectures by lab director Dr Aristo Vojdani and closely follows his ongoing research.  Truly this lab is state of the art and at the leading edge of autoimmune and antibody testing.

Our most often used arrays include testing for leaky gut (array 2), detailed wheat/gluten reactions (array 3x), reactive foods (array 10), pathogen associated immune reactivity (array 12) and IBS/SIBO (array 22).

Array 2 – Intestinal Permeability, aka Leaky Gut

Tests for antibodies to components of the cells that line the gut.  Proteins that bind together the cells that line the gut are exposed when the cells literally pull apart, a situation dubbed “leaky gut”.   Anti-Occludin/Zonulin antibodies signify a leak between cells, Anti-ActoMysin point to a breach in the pathways through the cells.  An additional marker called Anti-LPS reveals the presence of bacterial toxins that have made their way though the gut wall.

If leaky gut is present then an all out effort if required to remedy this problem.  Leaky gut leads to the abnormal passage of undigested food particles, pathogens and toxins across the gut wall where they cause an immune reaction.  This is a vicious cycle leading to more gut inflammation and more abnormal immune activation.

Note this test if felt to have a much better sensitivity and specificity than the mannitol/lactulose sugar test.

Array 3x – Wheat/Gluten Reactivity and Autoimmunity

Tests for antibodies to 28 different wheat and/or gluten sub-fractions.  Many people test negative to the basic tests for wheat/gluten sensitivity.  If there is any uncertainty about wheat/gluten sensitivity this is the test to identify wheat reactivity, non-celiac gluten sensitivity, Celiac disease, food opioid reactivity, intestinal barrier damage and wheat-related autoimmunity. 

Array 10 – Multiple Food Immune Reactivity

This panel measures reactivity to 180 food antigens in the cooked, raw, modified or processed form on the same panel.  Assists in early detection of dietary-related triggers of autoimmune reactivity and monitors the effectiveness of customized dietary protocols. 

Array 12 – Pathogen Associated Immune Reactivity Screen

Detects immune reaction to key pathogens that may lead to multiple autoimmune reactions.  Determine the role of pathogens in cases of ‘unexplained’ autoimmune reactions.  Monitor the effectiveness of clinical protocols for addressing pathogens associated with multiple autoimmunities.

Array 22 – Irritable Bowel / SIBO Screen

Identifies the release of bacterial cytotoxins by the large intestinal bacteria that cause irritable bowels and/or SIBO and evaluates a breakdown of the intestinal barrier. 

Other Cyrex Arrays

Other arrays can detect leaky blood-brain barrier, antibodies to neurologic, joint or multiple tissues, chemicals or pathogens.

Complete list of Cyrex Tests and Arrays

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