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Cologuard is an at home stool test that is used to screen for colorectal cancer by detecting DNA markers or blood in the stool sample.  It is intended to screen adults over 45 years of age.  It is a reasonable alternative to colonoscopy unless you have a higher risk of colon cancer.

The test should not be used if you have colon polyps called adenoma, inflammatory bowel disease and certain hereditary syndromes, or a personal or family history of colorectal cancer.

The results of Cologuard testing should carefully interpreted.  A positive test result does not confirm the presence of cancer and should lead to a follow up colonoscopy.  Similarly, a negative test result does not absolutely confirm the absence of cancer.  In one study 13% of people without cancer received a positive result (false positive) and 8% of people with cancer received a negative result (false negative).

How to get the Cologuard test

Cologuard is available only by prescription.  For our patients, complete the following form and bring it in for a signature.  We’ll review whether you are a good candidate for Cologuard testing.

Cologuard IMC


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