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Note: If possible, avoid treatments that may affect results at least 1 week prior to draw. If the blood draw is for a patient with cancer, this means avoiding any cancer treatments. If it is for a viral infection, avoid antibiotics/antivirals.

  • Ensure ice packs have been frozen at least 24 hours prior to draw.
  • First draw 5ml into the lavender tube to be disposed of. Then fill the glass vial to be shipped to the lab.
  • Invert vial 4-5 times after filling.
  • Make sure all relevant information is written on the vial.
  • Place vial back into provided bubble wrap.
  • Place sample with ice packs into provided styrofoam container.
  • Place lab order (signed) in package with the sample.
  • Replace styrofoam lid and place in cardboard box.
  • Seal and ship to: (see attachment)
  • Must be shipped via DHL or FedEx Express to ensure sample is received in a timely manner.
  • Please allow 4-6 weeks for results.

DHL Phone: 1-800-225-5345 DHL Account Number: 950856731
FedEx Phone: 1-800-463-3339 FedEx Account Number: 911464659

After completing the necessary medical forms and kit is ready to ship, go online and generate the
shipping labels. The doctor will need a Fed Ex or DHL account if doesn’t already. If you need to set up an
account go to FedEx.com or DHL.com

Put in the doctors name and address for sender. Place the information below for the recipient’s
information. Remember to use the recipients account number to avoid being charged for shipping.
When complete, print 3 copies of each form. All 3 copies must be placed in the plastic sleeve on the
outside of the box or given to the courier at pick up. Check the receipt box before you print to have a
copy of the tracking number and package information for your records. You can schedule a pickup by
FedEx or DHL online or call the numbers above.

Recipient’s FedEx Account Number: 911464659 Recipient’ DHL Account Number: 950856731
To: Dr. Papasotiriou – RGCC Limited-Research
Address: Genetic Center LTD
Industrial Area of Florina
City: Florina
State/Province: Leave Blank
Country: Greece
Zip Code: 53100
Phone number: 00302385041950
Total Packages: 1
Total Weight: Enter Weight
Commodity Description: Biological Substance, Category B, UN3373 Human Origin
Total Value/Total Customs Value: $1 USD
Packaging: Other
Payment: Recipient
Bill Duties and Taxes To: Recipient
• Close your package.
• Keep the shipment receipt and place all other copies in the clear FedEx/DHL plastic sleeve.
• Firmly place Plastic Sleeve on the box

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