Cancer Treatment Categories

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This outline categorizes areas to consider in treating the patient with cancer.  It is meant to help make sense of the many treatments that are available and insure that cancer treatment is holistic and thorough in addressing every aspect.

Hormone Balance

  • Treat low thyroid and low adrenal function
  • Treat estrogen dominance and facilitate estrogen metabolism
  • Treat excess aromatization of testosterone to estrogen
  • Replace low age-related hormones when appropriate
  • Block receptors and/or lower hormones for hormone sensitive cancers

Digestive Health

  • Delayed Food allergy testing / elimination through
  • Heal “leaky gut” – Intestamine (DL), Colustrum (Soveriegn Labs), Olive Leaf (DL)
  • Correct Dysbiosis – Multiprobiotic 15 billion or 4000 (DL)

Genetic Testing

  • Read “Feel Good Nutrigenomics” by Amy Yasko
  • Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs)
  • Test through
  • Get data summary from

Nutrient Testing

  • Spectracell or Genova panels
  • Selected – Vitamin D, iron, b12, selenium

Cytotoxic Cancer Therapies

  • IV Vitamin C – Riordan protocol
  • Artemisinin (Allergy Research Group)
  • Melatonin (DL)
  • Aloe (Ambratose)
  • Resveratrol – Pterostilbene Supreme (DL), Japanese Knotwood  (? Avoid with hormone sensitive cancers)
  • Turmeric, Green Tea, Broccoli, Pomegranate
  • Poly-MVA

Apoptosis Support

  • Fermented Wheat Germ Extract (Metatrol Pro, Avemar)
  • Curcumin, IV or Oral (Optimized Curcumin, DL)
  • Fermented soy and isoflavones (Soy Isoflavones, LE)
  • Gotu kola (Arterial Protect, LE)


  • IV Chelation
  • Glutathione, IV and Oral / Meyer’s cocktail, IV
  • Oral chelation (PectaClear, Econugenics), Chelex, Metal Synergy X, EDTA
  • Methylation support – B12, folate, SAMe
  • N-Acetyl Cysteine (LE)
  • Milk thistle (Milk Thistle Max-V, DL) (Silymarin, LE)
  • Enzymes, Amylase/Trypsin (e.g. Dr Kelly’s protocol)
  • Consider removing mercury containing dental amalgams
  • Coffee enemas / Sweating by sauna or exercise

Immune Boosting

  • Low Dose Naltrexone (Rx)
  • Mistletoe SQ injections (
  • Mushroom extracts (Ten Mushroom Formula, Econugenics) (AHCC Plus, DL)
  • Essiac (burdock root, Turkish rhubarb, sheep sorrel, slippery elm)
  • Astragalus, Andrographis (LE)
  • Thymic Protein (ProBoost)

Improving Immune Recognition

  • Salicinium, IV and oral (Perfect Balance, IV and Orasol)
  • GcMAF support (Rerum-MAF, Bravo probiotic, Colostrum-MAF)

Inflammation Control

  • Curcumin, IV or Oral (Optimized Curcumin, DL)
  • Alpha-Lipoic Acid, IV or Oral
  • Fish oil, boswellia, pycnogenol, Zyflamend, Devils claw

Oxidation Control

  • Glutathione, selenium, cysteine

Beta-Estrogen / 2-hydroxy-estrone support

  • DIM (DIM enhanced, DL)
  • Myomin (CHI enterprises)
  • Fermented soy and isoflavones (Soy Isoflavones, LE)
  • Tempeh, natto, miso

Glucose / Insulin Control

  • Berberine (DL), Gymnema/cinsulin (Glucobrium, DL), Rx Metformin

Infection Control

  • Antiviral, Antifungal, Antibiotics
  • Teeth – consider previous root canals
  • Ozone, UltraViolet Blood Irradiation

Glycolysis Control

  • Fermented Wheat Germ Extract (Metatrol Pro, Avemar)

Angiogenesis Control

  • Angiostop (CHI formulations)
  • Bindweed (Vacustatin by Allergy Research)
  • Lower copper

Metastases Control

  • Modified Citrus Pectin (Econugenics)

DeAgglutinate blood

  • Green tea / ECGCs (Green Tea Extract, DL)
  • Nattokinase (Nattosyn, DL)

Increase Cellular Energy

  • CoQ, CoEnzyme 1 (ENADA), D-Ribose, L-Carnitine, Malate, methyl donors


  • BioOxygenation – Ozone

Energy Work

  • Electrodermal Feedback – Asyra or EDS 2000


  • Heartmath
  • Focus & Insight audio CDs
  • Vo-Cal 360, Psych-K


  • Watch “Forks over Knives”, “Food, Inc”
  • Read “The Slow Down Diet” by Marc David
  • High intake of raw organic fruits and vegetables
  • Avoid sugar, especially high-fructose corn syrup and processed foods
  • Minimize high-glycemic carbohydrates
  • Avoid fried or charred foods
  • Avoid unfermented soy products
  • Minimize animal proteins, i.e. meat and dairy
  • Juicing / Green drinks / Smoothies / Gerson therapy
  • Alkalinization – Cesium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, alkaline water
  • Alkaline diet – fruits, veggies, legumes, asparagus, herbs, ginger, turmeric, nuts, seeds, whole grains, wheat grass, Essiac tea


  • Good sleep lowers the risk of cancer and increases remission/survival rates
  • Allow yourself time for plenty of restful sleep
  • Seek help if you are not sleeping well

Stress Management

  • Chronic stress makes the body more hospitable to cancer
  • Manage stress with counseling, exercise, meditation, deep breathing, acupuncture, yoga, tai chi, heartmath, etc

Social / Spiritual

  • Cultivate and express gratitude – it is one of the most healing emotions
  • Seek out supportive healthy relationships and avoid toxic draining situations
  • Practice your faith


  • Regular exercise lowers the risk of cancer and increases remission/survival rates
  • Follow the guidelines in this activity pyramid.
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