RGCC Supplement Protocol

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Sample Letter to Patient

Dear Patient,

Attached are your RGCC results and spreadsheet (pdf and excel files) on supplement dosing schedule.  I’ve eliminated the supplements that tested as unhelpful, are unavailable in US, or redundant.  I’ve recommended the supplements that showed the highest % of inhibition of your circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and staggered supplements from different categories to balance the mechanisms of inhibition.

A-pdf is the main report from RGCC.  Note that you have # CTCs per field.  Below 5 is a good prognosis, while below 3 is our immediate goal.  Getting to zero is possible, but as years go by if you can keep the CTC count below 3 and stable then you are managing to keep in remission.

You should repeat the CTC count (oncocount) every 3-6 months in the first year or so to follow your progress, then annually.  Some patients instead repeat the onconomics extracts panel (includes CTC count) annually to see if any of the sensitivities have changed.

Take the highlighted items 1-2days/week, e.g. rotate mon/tues, wed/thur, fri/sat, and sun such that one takes 3-4 supplements each week, then rotates to 3-4 new ones each month, until coming around to start over.  This rotation is to allow better penetration into the cells and minimize resistance.

There is some thought that one should only choose the higher % sensitivities, e.g. over 15%, so you might not take month 3-4, instead returning to month 1 and starting over.  We should have all these in stock and/or can order asap.

RGCC Supplement Dosing Spreadsheet

This is an example of how we lay out the various supplements and develop a logical schedule for dosing.

RGCC Extracts and Dosing

RGCC Example Patient

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