Our 90 Day Program

Our program starts with a FREE consultation to outline how the program works and see if it is right for you.

Once you begin the program, your first visit is a one hour history and exam with one of our health providers.  Our medical team are experts in screening for underlying health conditions that may have caused weight gain in the first place.  Just like in our regular medical practice we focus on key foundations for good metabolism such as hormone imbalances and digestive health.  We consider detoxification and cellular energy as key components for weight loss.  We also work with behavioral issues that may be interfering with successful weight control.

We provide most everything you need to get started, including necessary blood work, pharmaceutical HCG for injection, a food scale, oil-free beauty products, and a wide variety of HCG diet approved condiments.

Our staff is very experienced with the HCG protocol and we provide expert monitoring of your weight and body composition throughout the program.  Educational materials and staff support are both used to make sure the program is easy and successful.

After the HCG diet phase our certified health and nutrition coach will meet regularly with you for two months to ensure you have the knowledge and support to follow a long-term healthy weight plan.

Additional services that complement our program often include ongoing health consults with our medical providers, more intensive health coaching sessions, grocery shopping education and healthy cooking classes.