Will I get hungry on the HCG diet?

The HCG “unlocks” stubborn fat reserves to be burned for energy.  Most people do not feel hungry when they are on the HCG program.

Will I feel bad on the HCG diet?  

It is not unusual for people to feel a little “weak in the knees” 3 to 4 days into the diet, which quickly passes.  Fact is, most people actually feel great while on the diet, reporting things like improved energy, mental clarity, and well being.

Is the HCG diet complicated?  

Not with our help.  We provide a detailed outline of the specific foods allowed, recipe ideas, and a wide range of HCG approved condiments that compliment your diet plan.  The foods included in the HCG diet are regular items found in any grocery store.

I can get HCG drops online – what is different about your HCG?

 HCG is highly regulated, available only with a prescription from a licensed physician.  The various HCG products available online, or from non-physician providers, are not HCG.  Don’t be fooled – only take prescription HCG from a pharmacy.

What is unique about your HCG diet program? 

HCG is only a catalyst to help get the weight off.  We offer the only holistic HCG weight loss program that includes a medical doctor oversight, registered nurses, medical assistants and a health coach certified in holistic nutrition. We address the many medical issues that can cause weight gain, as well as behavioral aspects including helping you learn to eat a balanced healthy diet, get regular exercise and restful sleep, and manage stress.  All these components are key to losing weight.

After HCG diet weight loss will I regain the weight?  

Our team follows you closely for 60 days after you complete the HCG diet portion of the program.  If you are doing the right things and the weight starts coming back then our medical team investigates the cause.  If you just can’t maintain good habits then our health coach is there for you.  Either way, we’ve got you covered.