HCG Diet

We’ve treated over a thousand patients with HCG for weight loss, and we’re here to tell you it works.  As the only physician supervised HCG program in the Grand Valley we are the experts in all things HCG.

Losing up to one pound a day makes HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) a successful yet controversial method for weight loss.  It was first used for weight loss about fifty years ago after being discovered by British physician Dr. Simeon.  There are numerous modifications around, and HCG has been used in the US for about 30 years.  Dr. Rollins has studied the HCG diet for over 10 years and prescribed HCG for weight loss since 2008.

HCG is a hormone naturally found in huge amounts during pregnancy.  It is conventionally used by doctors to treat female patients for infertility or boys for delayed puberty.  During pregnancy women may make up to one million units of HCG daily, while the HCG weight loss program uses less than two hundred units daily and has no effect on fertility or sexual development.

The HCG diet program consists of a very low calorie diet (500 calories per day) and the daily administration of HCG.  The weight loss occurs due to the calorie restriction.  The HCG seems to allow the hypothalamus (control center) in the brain easier access to control the breakdown of abnormal fat reserves (like hips, buttocks, abdomen) leading to a quick reduction of fat in these areas.  This easy access to fat stores that are broken down for calories and energy may be why patients on the diet do not get hungry or feel tired.

After the 20 day diet phase of the program there is a very important three week transition phase in which sugars and starches must be slowly re-introduced.  This phase is critical in allowing time for the hypothalamus to readjust back to a healthy long term diet.  The HCG seems to “reset” the hypothalamus so that it continues to more easily control access to fat stores.

HCG is a great starting point to help people on their journey back to health but is only one part of successful weight loss program. In our view, HCG is only the catalyst to get the weight off.  Our holistic program will help you keep it off.