Time released hormone pellets are one option for delivery of hormone replacement therapy in men and women.  We have been performing pellet insertions for over a decade and we recommend obtaining pellets from College Pharmacy in Colorado Springs, because they are one of the most experienced and advanced pharmacies and have been making the pellets since 1988!

The insertion process takes less than 15 minutes and is done with local anesthetic.  Our office charge is $300 for pellet insertion, plus the direct cost of the pellets which typically last 3-4 months before a new batch needs inserted again.

Women generally need about 6.25-12.5mg of Estradiol or 12.5-25mg of Biest, along with 50-100mg of Testosterone.  Men require about 10mg/lb of Testosterone, so for example a 180lb man typically needs about 1800mg.  We recommend getting blood levels checked about 3 weeks after the initial insertion.

Pellets with prices

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