Dr. Robert Lustig: How Sugar & Processed Foods Impact Your Health

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Great podcast from Andrew Huberman.  My cryptic notes

Fructose inhibits 3 mitochondrial enzymes

  • Amp kinase which increase mitochondrial genesis
  • Acyl ?
  • CPT 1 that generates carnitine which shuttles FAs into mitochondria

Cells need to burn or grow – oxygen leads to burn, low oxygen leads to growth

Warburg – tumor cells grow because of low oxygen levels

Angiogenesis is the attempt to bring in oxygen 

3 layers – Food science – nutrition – metabolic healt

With enough oxygen you don’t need as much insulin

Insulin leads to adipose growth, it pushes glucose into TGs

Lowering insulin turns on lipase to release FFAs and glycerol

BCAAs, sugar, refined carbohydrates drive insulin

Insulin blocks leptin


There are 262 names for sugar in the food industry

Keep it to less than 4grams / 1 tsp sugar per serving


Glucose activates the basal ganglia

Fructose actives the nucleus accumbens (reward center) – it’s addictive


Glucose leads to uric acid which decreases endothelial function and mitochondrial function

Glycemic index is BS – glycemic load is more appropriate


10% of fructose in turned into TG in the intestine

Fructose nitrates tight junctions leading to leaky gut

Fructose mostly goes to liver to turn to fat

The microbiome will consume the glycocalyx if not given enough fiber


Personal responsibility requires

  • Knowledge, access, affordability, externalities


The 8 leading causes of illness are rooted in mitochondrial dysfunction

NOVA system classes, eg

  1. Apple
  2. Sliced apple
  3. Applesauce
  4. Mcdonalds apple pie


Getting 7-10% of daily intake as NOVA class 4 is ok

NOVA class 4 is driving chronic disease

Only 20% of food in the grocery store is NOVA class 1-3

Excess BCAAs turn into fat – need to be building muscle for them to be ok

Grass finished meat has less BCCA so is better metabolically

Eggs – yellow yolk = high omega 3

Omega 3 sources ALA – veggies, EPA – fish, DHA – fish, algae


Inflamed tissue converts 25-hydroxyvitamin D into inactive 24- hydroxy

Chronic cortisol causes inflammation

Chronic stress leads to metabolic and mental health disaster


4 things increase mitochondrial biogenesis

  • Cold, altitude, fasting


American Legislative Exchange Council

Statins are no good for primary prevention, increase DM 20%

Higher LDL = longer life

Large LDL is ok – cardiovascular neutral – supported by fats in diet

Small dense LDL is atherogenic – TGs increase small dense LDL

Triglyceride is liver output of carbohydrates


51 federal agencies manage our food

There is no communication between them


3 fat depots

  • Sq fat – 22# to get metabolic illness
  • Visceral fat – 5# to get metabolic effects – made by cortisol, not calories
  • Liver – ½# – from alcohol or sugar


Turn food into metabolic

  • Protect the liver
  • Feed the gut
  • Support the brain


Get rid of sugar, add fiber, add omega 3, reduce emulsifiers which cause gut inflammation


Leptin resistance driven by insulin in 3 places in the brain

The higher insulin goes the more the brain thinks you are starving


world.openfoodfacts.org/nova for Nova food classes



Monchmonch.shop for biolumen

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