Copper Chelation

by | Oct 28, 2019 | Articles, Cancer, Chelation, Conditions

Test baseline copper, zinc and ceruloplasmin levels.  Ceruloplasmin is a carrier protein that transports as much as 90% of serum copper, and is another measure of copper levels in the body.

Goal at 90 days of therapy is ceruloplasmin level 15-20% of baseline level and Zinc:Copper ratio of 3:1.

Start TM (tetrathiomolybdate).   Typical starting dose is 40mg 3x/day before meals, and 60mg at bedtime or in middle of night.  The daytime doses absorb copper from diet while the overnight dose chelates from system.

Start zinc 30-50mg daily.

Check labs every 4 weeks to start, every 2 weeks as nearing target levels, then weekly until stable at target.


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