Childhood Exanthems

by | Feb 4, 2023 | Articles, Conditions, General Interest


1st Disease – Measles – Paramyxovirus

Fever -> rash starting on head spreading to rest of body – stains from red to dark brown

2nd Disease – Scarlet fever – Strep pyogenes

Rash appears as sunburn with tiny bumps, usually starts on head/face

3rd Disease – Rubella – Rubella virus – 3 day measles or German measles

Rash starts on face and spreads to rest of body clearing in 3 days

5th Disease – Erythema Infectiosum – Parvovirus – slapped cheek

Rash starting on bright red cheeks spread to red lacy rash to rest of body

6th Disease – Roseola – HHV-6 and 7

Fever -> as fever subsides rash appears on trunk spreading to legs/neck

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