Artery Health

by | Jan 2, 2020 | Articles, Conditions, Heart, Prevention, Supplements

There are things you can do to prevent, stabilize or even reverse arterial plaque.  The most powerful treatment is probably eating a more whole food plant based diet.  Cutting out excess meat and dairy correlates with a marked reduction in artery plaque.   A Mediterranean diet is a great example and great place to start.  For more advanced risk consider going completely meat and dairy free.

Of course not smoking is equally important.  Managing stress and getting regular exercise helps.  Getting plenty of restful sleep and treating any underlying sleep apnea is key.  When patients are doing all the lifestyle recommendations and taking the following supplements this will typically improve blood pressure and stop plaque progression.  If we still find progressive plaque despite all the above, then testing for toxic heavy metals followed by chelation to remove them is in order.

Supplements for artery health

I find this particular combination to work well for most patients.  There are more, but this is a good general support and good place to start.  We stock these in the office but they may also be ordered from the links below.

N1O1 helps produce nitric oxide (NO) which helps the cells that line our arteries to control blood pressure and cholesterol oxidation, leading to less plaque.

Arterial Protect and Endothelial Defense Pomegranate Plus are a great complementary duo from Life Extension.


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