Food Allergy Testing

Are Your Foods Harming You?

Believe it or not most of us have varying degrees of health problems caused by the foods we eat.  Food intolerances or allergies can lead to many common symptoms and diseases, and surprisingly many foods we think of as healthy are common culprits.  Moreover, these foods are often ones we frequently eat.

The most common symptoms caused by delayed food allergies are brain fog, fatigue, nasal congestion, indigestion, gas, bloating, diarrhea, rashes and joint aches.  We also see mood changes such as depression, anxiety or attention-deficit or hyperactivity.  Even weight gain is caused by food allergies – patients commonly lose 10-20 pounds within a few months of removing certain foods from their diet.

Having provided food allergy testing for over almost 20 years Dr. Rollins continues to be amazed at the outcomes with the elimination of food allergens.  In recent years, we test 6 to 8 people each and every week, and estimate 70% to 80% of all patients tested report positive results, with at least 20% to 30% reporting “amazing” results.  For many it was the key to helping them lose weight, cure a chronic illness or markedly improve how they feel.

Food allergy testing is easy and we recommend it to everyone.  We’ve seen hundreds of patients undergo amazing recoveries after years of struggling to find an answer to their health problems.  Our special food allergy program involves testing with follow up medical and nutritional counseling.


“I’d been having numerous digestive issues and for many months chalked it up to hitting my mid-30s.  Yet nothing I did to try to remedy the situation worked.  That’s when I turned to Dr. Rollins and the delayed food allergy testing the IMC offers.  After running the tests and eliminating the flagged foods from my diet, I started noticing improvement after just the first week.  After 12 weeks, many of the initial complaints I had are gone.  I feel better and healthier than I have in a while, and know that it’s related to certain foods in my diet that were stressing my system.  As I go forward re-introducing the food back into my diet, my system is more sensitive now to things it just can’t handle, so I know what needs to permanently get removed from my diet.  I can’t thank you enough for offering this unique testing so close to home.”  – Julie H, Grand Junction