FREE SEMINAR SERIES: Four Weeks to Wellness

by | Nov 17, 2014 | Conditions, General Interest, Seminars

A series of fun, free seminars designed to help you achieve better health.

FREE Workshop includes:

– 4 weekly seminars with various integrative medicine practitioners

– Guidance on your health plan, specialized testing and supplements

– Discounted specials for attendees for:

  • Regular programs
  • Consultations
  • Lab testing
  • Gift certificates

Week 1: Keys to Great Health

This is Dr Rollin’s top ten list of areas to consider when striving for good health.  In our first seminar we’ll lay out an individual plan for you to establish your own great health road map.

Week 2: Nutrition 101 and Beat the Sugar Blues

Learn what makes up a healthy diet, cooking whole foods, how to eat health despite a busy lifestyle, and how to stay clear of too much sugar.

Week 3: Cleanse & Detox and Food Allergies

Find out why detoxification is so important to good health and how to do a simple cleanse and detox.  Also we’ll review why delayed food allergies may be making you fat and ruining your health.

Week 4: Stress Management & Goal Setting

Our last seminar teaches some basic relaxation techniques that are designed to control the health-killing stress hormone, cortisol, and improve everything from your metabolism to your attitude. In this interactive seminar we’ll finish up with setting goals toward good health.

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