Got acne?  We can help.

Most conventional treatments for acne focus on treating the symptoms of acne, that is the acne itself.  We do that, but we also seek to cure the underlying cause of acne.  Our acne treatment protocol typically involves treating the skin directly while evaluating the whole person beneath.

We start with treatments such as Blue light therapy to kill the bacteria in the skin that causes the pustules and boils.  Chemical peels including Levulan phototherapy, microdermabrasion, and high quality skin care products help to support the normal skin shedding process and avoid plugged pores that lead to acne.  Finally, laser treatments such as the fractionated pixel help to quiet overactive oil glands.

Expert medical evaluation can help treat the root cause of acne.  We can help you with digestive health, delayed food allergies, or hormone imbalances that are causing the acne in first place.

We can also help with lifestyle issues such as dietary changes, stress management, and improving sleep – all of which can build the immune system and reduce acne promoting inflammation.

An integrated medical-aesthetic approach looking for underlying causes is often the “cure” for difficult to treat acne.  We’ve seen many cases where years of acne frustration ended simply and quickly with proper treatment of immune system or hormone imbalances.  For better acne treatment, consider an approach that works inside and out!


Acne scarring correctionAcne scarring correction