Get expert advice on natural supplements.  We can help evaluate for evidence of safety and effectiveness.  Often natural supplements can replace medications as safer and more effective options.

We research diligently and use only the best supplements available.  Wholesale purchasing allows us to pass our savings on to you and having the supplements in stock makes it easy for our patients to get started on therapies right away with no shopping hassles.

Douglas Labs and Life Extension Foundation are the preferred brands for the bulk of our supplements, yet we carry dozens of other brands with unique formulations.  Finding the best quality and value for the best price is our priority.

Consistent with AMA guidelines on physician prescribing and dispensing of health related products (9.6.4 Sale of Health-Related Products) we

a)  Make every attempt to offer only products whose claims of benefit are based on peer-reviewed literature or other sources of scientific review of efficacy that are unbiased, sound, systematic, and reliable.  When there is limited research on a product we inform patients of such limitations.

b)  Address conflict of interest and possible exploitation of patients by providing supplements at cost.  We have no financial incentives from the direct sale of our supplements, which typically saves patients about 25% of standard retail cost plus the cost of shipping.

c)  Provide information about the risks, benefits, and limits of scientific knowledge regarding the products in language that is understandable to patients.  All new supplements provided include a detailed information / fact sheet for patient education.

d)  Avoid exclusive distributorship arrangements that make the products available only through physician offices.  All our supplements are widely available from other sources.