Seasonal Allergy Therapy

Sick and tired of allergies?  Fed up with the eye drops, antihistamines and inhalers?  Frustrated with how much you are spending each month trying to manage the symptoms of allergies?  Help is here!

Immunotherapy (IT) is recognized as the only curative treatment for allergies.  By exposing the immune system to slowly increasing concentrations of an allergen it will eventually stabilize and regain control of the portion that is hypersensitive to the allergen.

We have several options for “curing” allergies with immunotherapy – it’s just a matter of helping our patients choose which route will work best for them.

Low Dose Immunotherapy

Low Dose Immunotherapy (LDI) therapy is a treatment for “turning off” an overactive immune system.  This applies to allergies, autoimmune diseases or any process in which the immune system is activated.  LDI involves getting an injection in the office about every 2 months, eventually being able to spread the injections out to once or twice per year.  LDI is different because is uses much lower concentrations of allergens and may be used to treat not only inhalant allergies, but also allergies to foods, chemicals and certain autoimmune or overactive immune conditions.

Sublingual Immunotherapy

Sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) involves taking “allergy drops” under the tongue where the allergens are absorbed in the oral mucosa.  The SLIT drops are taken in a highly diluted form and increased daily until a maintenance dose is achieved.  Relief from symptoms is often achieved in the first few months but it takes 2-3 years for the immune system to reset enough to allow long lasting relief.  SLIT is a safer, easier and less expensive option than allergy shots.  We work closely with Greer Labs and Wellness Pharmacy to bring SLIT to Western Colorado, offering a complete SLIT treatment program at a cost of $100 per month.

Put an end to allergies once and for all – call today and get started on the road to kiss your allergies goodbye!