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As the leader in skin care treatment and technology Bellezza offers the latest procedures to bring out the beautiful in you.

Established in 2008 by Dr. Scott Rollins, Bellezza has quickly become the center of excellence for non-surgical procedures for skin. With a complete selection of laser technology we can perform all the latest treatments in skin care to smooth texture, tighten skin, and remove discolorations and sun damage. Our Coolscupt University trained aestheticians combine the latest Coolsculpting technology with a holistic and artful approach to body contouring.

Dr. Rollins works hand in hand with our certified laser specialists to bring the latest treatments while offering a healthy and holistic approach to certain skin imperfections and conditions.

Combining advanced technology from the foremost laser manufacturers, ongoing superior training and experience, Bellezza continues to produce results second to none.

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Clinical Trials

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