Microneedling with PRX Derm Perfection


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Made in Italy, Over 5 Million PRX Derm Perfexion Treatments Performed Worldwide

The Next Generation of Skin Revitalization with No Downtime!

Say hello to Derm Perfexion (formerly known as PRX-T33), a non-injectable and non-surgical bio-revitalization treatment designed to improve the appearance of aging skin without peeling, invasive measures or social downtime. PRX Derm Perfexion is a chemical collagen stimulator promoting collagen production and elastin for a tighter, brighter, and more hydrated complexion. Harness the power of PRX Derm Perfexion to revitalize your skin like never before.

  • 33% Trichloroacetic Acid + Hydrogen Peroxide with NO Peeling
  • Biorevitalization Topical Collagen Stimulator
  • Safe for All Skin Types
  • No Downtime. No Pain. No Needles. No Surgery
  • Targets Aging Skin, Texture, Laxity, Wrinkles and Dull Skin for Complete Rejuvenation of the Face and Body
  • No Photosensitivity Treatment: Safe in Summer Months
  • Stimulates the Skin’s Regenerative Process
  • Immediate and Long-Lasting Results
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