Cancer Treatments

Every patient and every cancer is different, yet there are some common therapies that we have found helpful.  It is overwhelming to sort through all the possible treatment approaches.  This page is simply meant to be a starting point for most patients.

Read our functional medicine cancer protocol.

You might consider a blood test to determine what the circulating tumor and stem cells are sensitive to.

For prolonged IV therapies you might consider getting a special IV call “central venous catheter” inserted which can remain in place for years.  This has the advantage of being accessed without needing a needle stick for every peripheral IV.  It is also makes it possible to do IV therapies at home, saving patients lots of time and money that can be utilized for additional treatments.

Central Venous Catheters: PICC Lines versus Ports

IV vitamin C

We follow the Riordan protocol.  You’ll need to get the initial IVs at the office so we can titrate the dose up and check blood levels.  Once your dose has you in range then you can start doing them at home.  Ideal is 3x/week.

Berkson protocol – Alpha-Lipoic-Acid along with LDN

We prescribe low dose naltexone (LDN) with local compounding pharmacy (WCSP) across from our office.  Follow this protocol

We start the ALA at 40mg and increase to 80, then 160, then mtc dose of 320mg.  It can lower blood sugar so we monitor that along the way and you always want to have a little snack beforehand.  Ideal is 3x/week on opposite days from IVC.  You should take oral ALA 2x/day along with this protocol and we have a “liposomal” form that is best absorbed.

Other IVs

We regularly do glutathione (for inflammation) and turmuric (for inflammation and anti-cancer) via IV as well.

Anti-cancer supplements

– Cancer fighting four

– Avemar – fermented wheat germ extract

Mistletoe therapy

Hormonal Therapies

If your cancer is stimulated (propagated) by estrogen or testosterone, then you should consider supplements that facilitate lowering hormone levels and/or blocking hormone receptors.

Myomin is a chinese herbal supplement that is a selective estrogen receptor blocker and aromatase inhibitor which blocks conversion of testosterone to estrogen.  Full dose is 3 capsules 3x/day.

DIM enhanced is a plant based supplement that helps metabolize and rid the body of excess estrogen.

Equally important is avoiding the many estrogenic toxic chemicals in the environment that strongly stimulate estrogen receptors in the body.  Read about Xenoestrogens.

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